When it comes to online portals, there is a small, but visible percentage of shipping partners operating without any customer focus, or commitment. I’ve been sent shoes with their tongues sticking out and hanging by a thread, brand new books that arrived dog-eared, and painting canvases that were wrapped in old newspaper.

Getting rid of products gathering dust at a brick & mortar store is a strong temptation for rogue shippers – and they will do this as often as they can get away with it. Bound to happen when a portal offers its shopping interface to other sellers, and is not directly part of the sourcing or shipping process.

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net gains

I had ordered a table clock from Amazon but the delivery person this time was not from the Amazon network – he was from a local store, nearby.

After I signed the delivery note the chap gave me a broad smile and asked me if I was vegetarian, or non-vegetarian.
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